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What to know:

The UStiA Travel Advisor Registry provides travel advisors with centralized training and resources to stay in compliance with new travel insurance licensing regulations. These new regulations now allow travel advisors to offer travel insurance compliantly without incurring the costs of licensing as an insurance agent in multiple states, in most cases.*

*For information on specific states, refer to UStiA’s Travel Advisor Training.

Under the new regulations, advisors are required to undergo training and register with each travel insurance provider whose product they want to offer. The required training provides a valuable review of definitions, rules, policies, and ethical obligations with respect to offering travel insurance on behalf of an insurance provider.

What to do:

Travel agencies must be registered, and advisors who offer travel insurance on their behalf must access the training through a link provided by the agency.

If you are an agency/principal: Register your agency below. In the “view employees/get link” tab, find your unique agency training link and share that with your advisors.

If you are an advisor or an independent contractor: You must take the training via the link unique to your agency. Select “I am an advisor” below to search for your agency. If your agency has already registered, you will be given your unique training link. If not, ask your agency’s principal to register at ustiaregistry.org.